Laboratory Manager

April 12, 2023
S$3,800 - S$4,000
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Reporting to: Technical Manager

Scope of Work: Lead Laboratory team on assay analysis for incoming and outgoing precious metal bearing materials and technical support to Operation/Project

    Primary Responsibilities:
    a. Lead Lab team to meet standard for accuracy and continuous improvement of efficiency of in-house sampling and testing capability
    Daily job planning : for final sampling and settlement assay and marketing samples
    Results reporting: verification of in-house assay and report to General Manager
    Interpretation of results: Continuous Comparison of in-house assay and external lab assay
    b. Manage on–time delivery of lab assay results to meet customer timeline
    Follow up with external lab for assay results
    Report in monthly management meeting for on-time delivery for internal & external assay
    c. Assist Technical Manager in technical projects development & continuous improvement of technical-driven recovery trials in Operation.
    Manage lab experimental work on technical projects
    Results reporting: Weekly updates on technical projects with Technical Manager
    d. Provide a prompt and appropriate technical advice to Operation based on SOPs which includes material handling procedure and hazards
    e. Assist in optimization of alternative analysis and cost-effective recovery method
    f. Ensure EHS awareness level within the Lab team and work with MR with compliance of ISO procedures 9001 and 14001 requirements.
    g. Continuous improvement in Laboratory SOP and training of lab personnel
    Conduct On- job training for new employees and refresher training for existing employees.
    Training effectiveness is evaluated and updated