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Tailored approach to your hiring needs

We believe there is no one size fits all hiring approach.

That is why our professional consultants take pride in making the extra efforts to carefully understand your hiring needs, even before commencing on the talent search process

With our continuously growing professional talent pool, employers can be matched with top quality jobseekers quickly.

All relevant jobseekers will be screened thoroughly before interviews by employers — saving time and effort.

Types of placement

Whether you are looking for a senior executive, trying to fill a part-time job or reduce your operational costs, your assignments will get the same level of attention and commitment we give to every role. Based on a “no placement, no fee” system, our model allows you to try our services before building a long-term relationship.

Permanent / Executive search

With our comprehensive screening process, we identify suitable candidates and ensure that you get the right talent that fits both your job requirements and culture.

Temporary and contract staff

We are able to provide you with high quality temporary staff to cope with seasonal demand or employee shortages.

Part timer

Access to a talent pool to help you in the short term when you need more manpower due increased workload or require more headcount for a major project.

Industries we serve

Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience serving diverse industries and job functions. Our consultants have relevant market knowledge of salaries, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you attract and retain the best talent at the appropriate remuneration.

Property & Construction

ICT & System Development

Banking & Finance


Retail & E-commerce

Life Science & Healthcare



Our approach

With our tailored approach, we strive to match good quality talents to the employers in the shortest possible time while ensuring alignment between candidates and employers.

During the recruitment process, we ensure consistency and clarity at all touch points to achieve the best fit.

Understanding your hiring needs

Having a detailed and accurate job profile is the start of a successful journey. Apart from competencies and experience, personal attributes are also profiled as part of the requirements.

Candidate screening

We source and screen from various online channels and our database for suitable candidates. Culture fit and attitude would be assessed together with skills and qualifications.

Employer interview

The shortlisted candidates would then go through employer interviews. We can also run additional checks such as background check, reference check and psychometric assessment.

The offer

When the suitable candidate is finally selected, we would assist in the renumeration package negotiation to ensure a win-win situation is achieved.


We can also guide employers through the onboarding process by handling the necessary paper work or even orientating the candidate for the new position.

Post-placement support

Post placement support is a critical component of our service commitment and ensures that a job seeker is retained in employment. We seek to identify any barriers that may impact upon ongoing employment and address them promptly.

Benefits to employers

Our success is defined by placing the right talent for your business. We take away the hassle of a long hiring process by finding suitable
talents in a fast and effective manner.

Building positive relationships with our clients is one of the most important foundations our success. We take care of your recruitment needs like how we take care of our own. Taking your business to places it would otherwise not reach alone.


With the understanding and leveraging of current perceptions of your brand, we help build more local advocacy and brand presence to improve reputation and attraction in your target markets.

Spend less time searching for the right candidates and scanning through hundreds of resumes on your own. We take you to a seamless hiring experience while staying connected with you throughout the entire journey.

The hardest thing about growing your business is the time it takes to do things differently. Day-to-day operations can get in the way of achieving long-term growth goals. Outsource – If there are things you can get others to do for you, do it. Investing more time into your business is worth the expenditure.


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