Payroll outsource

Increasing productivity, reducing cost

Paying your employee is simpler, leave the administrative hassles to us

We help companies to simplify the monthly payroll process in a systematic way.

Companies can leverage on our trained consultants’ expertise as well as our payroll system at just a fraction of the cost of a HR specialist and payroll software. Increasing your productivity and reducing manpower cost.

Common challenges

We understand that employers have challenges and we are here to help. SMEs usually are involved in fire-fighting, multi tasking and have limited resources, while larger firms have a big pool of headcount to manage. Do you experience some of the common challenges below?

Unproductive time spent on repetitive monthly tasks

Staff spent unproductive time on tallying payroll manually and errors still happen. Is there a more productive and faster way?

Rising manpower cost effective and expensive payroll software

With rising manpower cost, it may not be viable to hire an in-house HR specialist nor procuring payroll software.

Untrained staff multi-tasking as HR personnel

Untrained staff have to multi-task and take up additional HR duties. Have they been able to perform the HR duties well and on time?

Compliance to ever-changing employment policies

Often confused when there is a change in policies? With fast changing policies, do you have a competent person who is able to understand the policies and ensure compliance?

How can we help?

A total payroll solution that streamlines your payroll processes in a cost-effective and productive manner.
With low monthly fees and no contract lock-ins.

Increase your business productivity

The tedious monthly tally of payroll can be taken over by us. Increasing your business productivity as your staff can focus on other important tasks that would help your business grow. No more long hours of tallying and overtime during month end.

Reduce manpower cost

According to a Singapore salary guide in 2021, a Payroll Specialist annual salary is $48,000. It is getting more expensive to hire qualified manpower. To mitigate the rise of manpower cost, you can work with us and we can provide you with professional HR advisory and payroll service at a fraction of the price of a HR manager.

Ensure compliance to regulations

Our fully qualified consultants are proficient and updated with the latest manpower regulations. We ensure all submissions are fully compliant. We are also just one phone call away to advise you on any changes in regulations.

Ensure prompt and accurate payroll

Using our software and systematic process, we ensure that payroll is prompt and accurate each month. With our proven process, we make sure your staff and your company have maximum satisfaction and minimal hassle.

Eliminate need for payroll software

Our robust payroll system ensures smaller margin for human error. By working with us, you have access to a full fledge system without having to incur cost to manage one yourself. No additional cost!

How it works

Whether you are a SME or MNC, our trained consultant will work closely with you to ensure all payroll are managed in an efficient and accurate manner.

We take over the heavy lifting of salary computation and documents preparation so you can have more time to focus on your business. All these conveniences made available but still allowing you full visibility of the payroll and approval before funds disbursement.


An appointed consultant will be working hand-in-hand with you to guide you through with our process.

Preparation of payroll

Computation of salary and CPF Electronic administration of leaves and expenses claims by us.

Approval by employers

Payroll report will be sent to the employer for approval before disbursement of salary.


Disbursement of net salary, CPF and issuance of e-payslips within stipulated period.

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