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Job Scam

With more people looking for new opportunities in the workspace, job scams are on the rise in Singapore. Employment scammers usually would trick you into handing over your money by offering you a ‘guaranteed’ way to make fast money or a high-paying job for little effect.

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What is Job Scam?

Recruitment scams frequently involve false online job postings on social media sites and dubious job boards that promise high- paying positions. Recruit Haus do not reach out to candidates or clients anonymously or via messenger applications like Telegram or seek any benefits/payments. If you are contacted by anyone anonymously or pretending to be from Recruit Haus via messenger applications like Telegram, it must be a scam.
*Please DO NOT respond, disclose your personal details or click on any links whatsoever or provide any form of direct payment to the scammers.*

Our top aim is to keep you secure while you're looking for work.

It’s unfortunate that some job seekers could unintentionally become victims of common work scams in Singapore. To ensure that we uphold the greatest standard of ethics, our recruitment consultants follow a defined approach. You will be reached out by one of our consultant from Recruit Haus via official email.
Our top aim is to keep you secure while you're looking for work
recruit haus doesnt charge candidates any money

Recruit Haus doesn't charge candidates any money.

Recruit Haus will never ask candidates for any recruitment fees. Please be cautioned that individuals/organisations are misusing the Recruit Haus brand name to demand money in exchange for interviews, successful job placement fee or jobs with clients of Recruit Haus. Do note that they are wrongfully using the company’s registered trademark on fake job advertisements and emails to harm innocent victims.

How to spot fake job postings?

How to spot fake job postings? Identify fake job offers with this 10 warning signs of scam.

  1. If money is involved. You’ve been asked to transfer money for medical check, work pass application or to attend the job interview.
  2. The company has no website or official/corporate social media account.
  3. Job offer sent from a personal email, a “noreply” email, and not from Recruit Haus email domain. 
  4. You did not apply for the job.
  5. The job is too good to be true.
  1. Job description is unclear or too short.
  2. Poor use of the English language with multiple typos and grammatical errors in the job advertisement or text messages.
  3. You found the job posting in a random social media community.
  4. Communication channels are only limited to social media channels and messaging platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Viber and etc.
  5. They ask you for your personal information such as your mobile number or ID photo on messaging platforms.

Beware of Online Hiring Scam.

The channels used by scammers are social media and messenger application services. Below are some instances of phoney job offer scams.

Always be on the lookout because they can take many various shapes and forms.

beware of online hiring scam
report scam

How to report a scam?

You can prevent your family and friends from falling for a job scam by reporting a con artist to us and helping us spread the word about job scams. Attach and email us all the evidence to:


When looking for a job, please do not respond to fraudulent job advertisements that are often shared in unsolicited Facebook groups or messaging platforms.

For more information about such job scams, please visit:
About S$20 million lost to job scams since May: Police
Scam Alert: Job Scam

At Recruit Haus, we do not support any person or groups engaging in unlawful activities that violate local laws. We encourage you to phone Recruit Haus office immediately to check the job ad or send it to us if you come across a job posting that seems strange and you are in doubt of.

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